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We believe businesses and families want to support the causes they love, but are unsure how to give effectively while feeling overwhelmed by the large number of charitable organizations. Blue Ocean Giving helps you get unstuck by making your giving choices simple, impactful and engaging.

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How Can We Do the Most for the Causes We Love?

It starts by changing common misconceptions

There are persistent myths we’ve been taught to believe that are preventing the charities we support from thriving.

And by following principles for giving with confidence

Following the principles for effective giving will ensure you’re doing the most for the causes you love. Here are three examples.

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How Blue Ocean Giving Helps You Give With Confidence

Many unanswered questions confuse the process of charitable giving. Who should I give to? Are we making an impact? How do I involve everyone equitably? We bring clarity and build consensus with everyone that you want to involve in your giving so you can focus on making your values make a difference.

Understand the charitable sector
Not all giving is the same, and the wrong approach can negatively affect the causes you love. Ground your giving choices in the essential knowledge about the charitable sector.

Move beyond the myths
We inform your giving choices by dispelling myths that undermine the charitable sector and uncovering principles for effective giving.

Establish what matters
There are approximately 86,000 charities in Canada, and 16,000 in BC alone. Our unique guided conversation format identifies what truly matters to those involved in your giving.

Support what you care most about
We identify the causes you care most about and explore strategies and principles to plan for effective giving.

A unique portfolio approach
A giving portfolio provides simple options for choosing the charities that matter most to your team or family. Any diversity of domestic or international interests can be supported, from the arts to the environment, health & social services to Indigenous peoples, and many others.

Curated charities
We believe that people with on-the-ground experience know the most about who is doing good work. Through extensive interviews, we identified the organizations with the greatest potential, so that every charity we suggest for your consideration has been vetted by these experts.

Service packages and fees
In addition to facilitation and portfolio creation, we offer various levels of support to ensure that your plan for giving stays on track.

For families and individuals
Download the Families and Individuals One-Pager (PDF)

For businesses and their teams
Every team is different, meaning we customize a package just for you. Contact us using the form on this page to learn more.

Who We Are

We believe people want to give more, but are unsure of how to do so effectively while also being overwhelmed by the immense amount of charitable organizations available. We created Blue Ocean Giving to help you get unstuck and to make giving an intentional and electric experience!

Andrew Stegemann

Andrew has spent his career as a changemaker, working within the charitable sector both as a funder of charities and directing them. He understands the unique problems charities face and how your giving can amplify their impact.

Richard Bell

Richard is a lawyer, business builder and philanthropist with a long history of support for the arts, health and housing sectors both locally and globally.

Ready to make a difference? Let’s take the next step together.

We’re here to guide you through your giving journey. From understanding how to give most effectively to choosing the specific charities to give to, Blue Ocean Giving helps you give with confidence.

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